"Dogs Are Just Kids With Fur"

 PERFECT PAWS DOGGIE SPA Perfect�������paws Doggie Spa

  "Dogs are just Kids with Fur"


Grooming includes facial scrub, ear cleaning, nail trim, combing and brushing, cut / trim / styling and bath.

               Grooming Prices
                            Additonal Fees
 Small Breed                      Starts at $60 
                 Extra combing and brushing- matted                   $10-$25
 Medium Breed                  Starts at $66
               Additional Hand Scissoring                                     $10-$20
  Large Breed                     Starts at $78 
              Special Handling                                                      $10-$20
 Extra Large Breed            Starts at $90
           Baths Only (Smooth Coat)
                   Baths Only (Med. to Long Coat)

 Small Breed                  Starts at $20

                Small Breed                                     Starts at $25
 Medium Breed              Starts at $30
                Medium Breed                                 Starts at $35
 Large Breed                  Starts at $40
                Large Breed                                    Starts at $45
Extra Large Breed          Starts at $55
                Extra Large Breed                          Starts at $60
         Add on Services
 Nail Trim                                 $8
 Nail Filing                               $11
 Nail Polish                              $8-12   
 Tooth Brushing                     $8
 Specialty Shampoos             $6-$20
 Hair Color                              $5-$50
 Flea & Tick Treatment         $23-$53
 Personalized Tags                $7-$15
 Deshedding Treatment       $16-$40
  Body Bling                          $3-10