"Dogs Are Just Kids With Fur"

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  "Dogs are just Kids with Fur"


Dog grooming is an exclusive service that allows a dog to get refreshed while feeling and looking stunning once they have received their grooming.We will assess the pets coat and skin. The coat is thoroughly brushed and combed removing all tangles and debris. Ears wiped, nails trimmed and all pets are bathed twice and thoroughly rinsed. Breed specific  trim or the trim that the owner and I have decided would be correct for there  pet. All pets  are finished with a spritz of cologne and a bow or bandanna.

Self - Serve Dog Wash  

Self Dog Wash is a service where the owner can wash their pet and have no worries with cleaning up afterwards. This service is offered on a first come first serve basis so no appointment is needed. We provide the tub, apron, shampoo,  combs, brushes and dryer.

Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare is a fun service where small dogs can enjoy cage less activities while running, playing and socializing. At doggie daycare, dogs can reduce their stress and anxiety, exercise and have a good time in a controlled environment. Daycare is an excellent way to give dogs the socialization and exercise to meet their needs.   mall


We carry a variety of supplies for your fur baby. We have soy, wheat, gluten free treats and cakes. Along with toys, apparel and supplies.